Become a Host Family in Ireland

Become a Host Family in Ireland

We are always searching for suitable Irish families who want to become a host family for international students. If you can offer a safe, comfortable, welcoming environment for foreign students, then we have students ready to share their Irish experience with you.

All host families will receive a weekly fee for hosting an international student.

To become a host family please complete our online registration process.

It is a great experience for my children as they have to interact with new people and be responsible with helping the students out with things they need to know. Also I would just like to say that in all that time and all the students I have hosted they have always been lovely and I never had any problems.
Eileen in Dalkey Host Family

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Further information:

Benefits of Becoming a Host
Guidelines for Host Families
What are my responsibilities?

Benefits of Becoming a Host

  • Chance to meet and engage with students of many different cultures and traditions.
  • Flexibility to accommodate on a short or long term.
  • Generate additional income.
  • We source students from a wide variety of colleges and schools, therefore increasing your chance of year-round business.
  • Receive regular prompt payments.

Guidelines for Host Families

For foreign students, staying with a family is a very important part of learning English and understanding our way of life and culture. We hope this will be a mutually rewarding experience. To this end, we have created a set of Guidelines for those interested in becoming a host family. It will outline what is expected of you, your responsibilities and guidance for the experience. You will see most of this is common sense.

What makes a suitable Host Family?

The most important part if you want to become a host family is your willingness to welcome a student into your home and to be part of your family for a short while.

What are my responsibilities?

There are many rewarding aspects to becoming a Host Family, but of course you are taking on responsibilities too. The vast majority of hosting is common sense but we have put together a short guide to help.

As a Host, you are expected to provide the following:

  • A caring stable environment.
  • A clean bedroom, with a seperate comfortable bed for each student, wardrobe space and a place for the student to study in peace.
  • Where applicable, provide suitable meals.
  • Be available to assist the student upon arrival with familiarising themselves with your house and locality.
  • Be present throughout the period of the students stay or make arrangements and inform HomeStay Ireland if no adult will be present at night time.*
  • Make a small amount of time each day to converse with your student to help with their English as well as making them feel part of the family.
  • Include your student in family activities.
  • Take all complaints seriously no matter how trivial and always remember English is not the students native language, misunderstandings can occur.
  • Host should refrain from discussing Religion and respect the Religious beliefs and background of the student.

*Note: for students under 18 an adult should be present from when the student arrives home in the evening

An excellent experience. Emiliano and Ernatina were very polite and friendly everything went very smoothly I would be delighted to have the guys back anytime.
Eileen in Dalkey Host Family

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