Discovering Dublin – Pubs

If one thing Dublin is not short of, it’s pubs. There are 100s of them. The real great thing about pubs in Dublin is that they are the genuine article, unlike some of the Irish bars abroad. It is true to say of Dublin pubs – often mimicked never equalled.

There are many types of pubs in Dublin. You can find anything from a small quiet locals bar to a sophisticated trendy bar. Most pubs provide food or ‘pub grub’ this is normally simpler dishes then you would find in a restaurant with a limited menu but always wholesome and filling.

A number of pubs in the tourist area will have late night entertainment, but the real reason people go to (and enjoy) Dublin pubs is for the ‘craic’. The ‘craic’ is a collective term for fun, entertainment or enjoyable conversation. You will often hear the Irish asking each other ‘What’s the craic’ by which they mean, do you have any stories of amusement, news or gossip.

In Dublin we have a tradition called the pub-crawl. This entails moving from one pub to the next, drinking a pint or two in each. It’s not for the faint hearted. More on Pub-Crawls

Opening Times Most pubs open at 10:30am Last orders – Mon-Wed 11:30pm – Thurs-Sat 12:30am – Sun 11:00pm Some late bars serve until 2:30am.

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