Erasmus Accommodation

Erasmus and Erasmus+ students that coming to Dublin we offer an option of living with a carefully select host family  for one or two semesters.

Simply let us know where you will attend your course or internship in Dublin and we will assist in selecting the best options for you.

Our host families from the Erasmus accommodation programme understand you will require a degree of independence and so you will not be expected to return home every evening at the same time. After your initial settling in period you will be better able to let your family know if you will be meeting friends in the city, going for dinner or going out late to a nightclub. All our hosts were young once too and would like to think they socialised just as good as students do today!

Living with a host family offers you a safe, comfortable environment, where everything is ready for you from the moment you arrive in Dublin.

In the Erasmus accommodation programme, we have homestay accommodation for students attend University College Dublin (UCD) Trinity College Dublin, DBS, DIT, ITT, NCAD, NUI Maynooth and DunLaoirghe institute.

The Erasmus programme is a great opportunity for students to visit and experience Irish culture and society. Dublin is an exciting and vibrant European capital city which attracts a lot of Erasmus students, who can also practice their English language skills as part of their stay here.

We can also offer you the option of living with a local family whilst you search for other student residence: Student House.


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