Host Family Information Night

The next host information night is at Maynooth University on November 24th at 7.30pm. We will discuss matters including ‘Expectations of a host’, ‘What a host must provide’, ‘How you receive students’, ‘Payment and Support’ and the ‘Do’s and Don’ts of hosting’. Of course we will be able to also answer any questions you may have. For more information contact manu @

Mein Auslandspraktikum in Dublin

  Anfang dieses Jahres wurde uns in der Schule das Auslandspraktikum vorgestellt, drei Wochen in einer Gastfamilie zu leben und in einem irischen Unternehmen zu arbeiten, in dem wir praktische Erfahrungen über das Arbeiten im Ausland sammeln sollten und dadurch natürlich unsere Englischkenntnisse verbessern. Von Beginn an war ich mir sicher diese Chance wahrzunehmen um mein Auslandspraktikum in Dublin zu absolvieren. Beruhigend war für mich, dass viele meiner Klassenkameraden ebenfalls.

Host Families and the Rent-a-Room exemption

There has been a lot written recently on the issue of income tax when renting rooms out to people booking through websites such as Airbnb. Revenue have confirmed this is additional  taxable income. Since this news hit the headlines, a lot of host families have been asking will this affect them. It was reported in the Sunday Times on August 16th by Niall Brady, that revenue have now confirmed the situation and.

Thinking of Cork for your Erasmus year?

Discovering Dublin – Costs of Living

The cost of living for every student coming to Dublin is going to vary widely, depending on where you live, how and where you socialise and if you prefer to cook at home or eat out. Here are some basic prices so you can build your own budget. Mobile €5 (€20 monthly) Mobile with internet €7.50 (€30 monthly) Food €60 – €100 Socialising Cinema : €7 – €12   Pint.

Discovering Dublin – Pubs

If one thing Dublin is not short of, it’s pubs. There are 100s of them. The real great thing about pubs in Dublin is that they are the genuine article, unlike some of the Irish bars abroad. It is true to say of Dublin pubs – often mimicked never equalled. There are many types of pubs in Dublin. You can find anything from a small quiet locals bar to a.

Discovering Dublin – Nightlife

There are many good reason to choose Dublin to learn English, one of the best is the Nightlife Dublin is so famous for. This city has entertainment to suit all tastes. Live music, comedy, soul, jazz, disco, house, theatre, literary (UNESCO City of Literature). Of course for most the night will start in a local Pub and lead on to one of the numerous nightclubs which can be found all.

Discovering Dublin – Dublin Airport

Where to begin, well Dublin Airport is a good place. It is after all, most likely, the arrival point for students coming to Ireland to learn English. It is much like all other European airports and can be as easy or as difficult an experience as many airports can be. Of course students will not be all that interested in the airport itself, but will want to know how best to.

Discovering Dublin – Transport

Things you might need to know before you arrive and while you are in Dublin Transport   Dublin Airport    Nightlife     Culture    Ten Best Pubs Dublin Bikes – the (almost) free way to use bicycles to travel around the city. Luas – light rail trams. There are two routes, Green (St Stephen’s Green to south Dublin) and Red (Financial  District to south west Dublin) Dublin Bus – provides the widest.

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