Frequently Asked Questions

Only one of our family members is Irish, is it still possible to host?

Yes, it is. We welcome diverse families as far as the main language spoken in the house is English.

For how long should I host a student?

We place students according to your preferences.

We provide short term students (2 – 6 weeks), medium-term (2 – 4 months) or long term students (5 months up to 1 year).

In case of an Accident / Illness / Emergency, who do we contact?

There is an emergency number for all our host families that will be provided to you once you become one of our hosts.

What type of students HSI has?

We are an independent organization placing students from all over the world in Dublin, Galway City and Cork City. 

We are specialized in placing English students, study abroad, Interns and immersion students coming to Ireland for a short/medium period.

What are my responsibilities as a host family?

Families must provide a safe and secure environment for the students.

Depending on the booking, you will need to provide only breakfast and dinner (Monday to Sunday, lunch included at the weekend) or the three meals 7 days a week.

As well as that, you will need to live in easy access to local transportation to and from the student’s school/college.

Host Families must submit an application, provide house and student’s room pictures, and pass our inspections.

Will our students speak English on arrival?

Each student speaks a different English level. It will depend on the type, of course, he/she is doing (English school/internship…) and the student’s age. 

The most important thing is to give the student a few days to settle in so they can feel more comfortable speaking in the new language.